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I’m a huge fan of Happily Ever Afters.  From Disney’s Cinderella in the early 1960’s all the way to Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ football players and Suzanne Brockmann’s Navy Seals, romantic fiction has brought me countless hours of enjoyment.

With the help of my friends at Central Ohio Fiction Writers (COFWofRWA.org), that love of reading romance expanded to encompass writing.  My stories have heroines you want to root for, heroes you’d love to know better and a Happily Ever After that makes you glad you were part of it all.

Right now I’m researching the second book in a trilogy, set in mid-19th century America.  Whether it’s the Underground Railroad, riverboats, or corsets, I’m having a lot of fun learning about the time period.  Check out my photo gallery page to see some pictures of two steamboats my husband and I toured in Madison, Indiana during the 200th Anniversary of the Steamboat Celebration.

You also don’t want to miss my Happily Ever After page.  There you’ll find the HEA photos of some of my author friends and their spouses.