About Me

I was born, raised and still reside in Columbus, Ohio with my amazingly supportive husband, David.  We’ve recently become empty-nesters, having two college-aged children we’re super proud of.  Our family is rounded out by Bonnie, our Heinz 57 dog.

After writing my first romance novel, I had a fan-girl moment and e-mailed New York Times best-selling author Suzanne Brockmann for some advice about my story.  She kindly took the time to reply, advising me to join my local chapter of Romance Writers of America.  I visited my first Central Ohio Fiction Writers meeting in 2002 and joined that day.  Thanks to their meetings, workshops, conferences and fellow members sharing their knowledge with me, I signed my first contract for a sale with Samhain Publishing in 2008.  I highly encourage anyone interested in pursuing a career in romance writing to join their local RWA chapter.

Janie’s Fun Facts:

In sixth grade I was crowned Miss Parkway Drive. I still can’t bring myself to throw away that cardboard and tinfoil tiara.

I never traveled outside of North America until I was 46 years old.

As a child, I didn’t enjoy reading. (Unbelievable, I know!)

I earned my motorcycle endorsement at age 49.

David and I moved six times during the first nine years of our marriage.

My hair is naturally curly.

David and I sing in a small ensemble at our church.

I learned to drive in my mom’s rusty 1966 Mustang convertible. So when Ford changed the design to a more retro look in 2005, we had to buy one.  I’m just a sentimental fool.